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take care, work safe and keep in touch

— John

10 Responses to Home

  1. Lee says:

    You might want to say a little more on your blog page on spring bronze weatherstripping about use of Malco TNP2R (or similar trim nail punches).
    While the retaining clip is certainly great in theory, I bought this tool on your recommendation and TNP2R is REALY large for the 3/4in nails either Kilian hardware sells separately or that MD includes with their spring bronze kits. In fact as it arrived, it was too large for the retaining clip to work even with the much bigger 2in and 2.5in hardwood trim nails (either new ones made by Maze, or the original ones I pulled out of my 1915 woodwork).

    I was able to remove the retaining clip and carefully bend it just so until now it would hold even the small 3/4in nails. However you might want to point out that this tool MAY NOT work with small-head trim nails right out of the package. The head of the TNP2R nail punch is so much larger than the head of the nail, I wonder what it’s going to look like in practice (making an indentation in the bronze/wood much larger than the nail head). You might also want to mention the clip can be replaced with part TNP2CL.

    I just downloaded the Malco catalog and found there is a smaller version TNP3S (without a retaining clip). (see p. 45)
    An Amazon review says even the TNP3S is kind of large for the nails used to attach spring bronze weatherstripping.

    Thanks John. I’m still glad you let me know about this tool, but it’s been very frustrating for it to arrive and find it’s not very well suited to spring bronze nails. It took 1 & 1/2 hours of online research before I finally discovered enough about the tool that I found the smaller version plus found the TNP2R retaining clip is removable (so that it can be gently bent and modified).


    • johnleeke says:


      Thanks for the detailed report on your experience with the Malco nail punch.

      I find that the Malco nail punch does work with the 7/8″ bronze nails as supplied by Accurate Metal Weatherstrip Co. (Accurate #660103). It holds the nails well and sets them just slightly below the surface of the surrounding weatherstrip without distorting the weatherstrip.

      I’ll update the info at the Forum to include your experience.

      Do you have a copy of my Save America’s Windows book? If not, I’ll send you a copy at no cost to you. If you do have it, let me know if you would like a copy of any of my other publications: http://www.historichomeworks.com/hhw/reports/reports.htm

      Take care, work safe and keep in touch.


  2. Hello John
    Hope your summer has been busy. How were the Workshops?
    I’m hoping to find a discussion on a particular solution to excessive sash
    lateral play between jambs. While flange-type weatherstripping might help
    to guide the vertical track, it lacks the lateral compression of spring
    bronze to eliminate the play. I don’t think this is an uncommon occurrance
    but don’t know where to look. Ideas?

    Arch Weathers
    Historic SashWorks, LLC

  3. John Leeke says:

    Arch, I’ve started a discussion on this over in the Forum. You can check it out right here:



  4. Donald P Kingston says:

    Mr Leeke
    I would like to email you a story from Hammond Indiana in the local paper. nwitimes.com 02-22-16 page A1. Towards the end of article the mayor states new carpet new windows and modern wiring. I hope you have time or someone of your knowledge and abilities could look at these and sway them to keep and repair the original windows if possible.
    Thanks for your time
    Don Kingston

  5. Brenda Eskenazi says:

    Do you know who can restore 1940’s steelcase windows on a Mediterranean house in Oakland California. I have looked all over and I am about to just rip them out and replace them with wood windows.

  6. Emily says:

    Hi John,

    We recently bought a colonial house in NJ built in 1762. The house is mostly original although I’m not sure about the last time someone replaced the windows. They need serious help, some more than others but a lot have rot. They still have the wavy glass so I don’t want to ruin a good thing by trying to muddle through a repair without training. Would you be running any seminars or workshops on window restoration? I think if my husband and I had a better hands on experience and guidance we could tackle the job ourselves, one at a time. Neither of us is good at learning from reading books… a little slow that way. Thanks so much,

  7. Liz Portwood says:

    I bought some beautiful casement windows with half rounds several years ago from a house that was going to be razed in Atlanta. We had planned a renovation using them, but have since moved and I am trying to either find a new home for them or figure out a way to make an affordable playhouse. I need to move them this week. Thanks, Liz

  8. Oliver says:

    Hi John,

    Do you use the Silent Paint Remover, the Speedheater, or something else? My research on a infrared paint remover has left me more confused and am wondering which you prefer?


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