Best natural finish for wood sashes?

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Best natural finish for wood sashes?

Postby I<3douglasfir » Sun Mar 23, 2014 4:48 am

Hi John,
I'm in the middle of stripping 90 yrs worth of paint on my wood windows. I stripped them down to the bare wood using a heat stripper and chemical stripper. The wood is clean, now I'm ready for the finishing touch on the interior of the windows (exterior is painted). My question is what is the best natural wood finish that embellishes the wood best? I'm NOT interested in staining it, as the natural aged patina is already perfect. Also NOT interested in applying a glossy "plastic like coating" like polyurethane or varnish/shellac finish. I want the finish to penetrate the wood and be a matte or low sheen finish. I have linseed oil but I'm reading on your website that linseed oil harbors mold and fungus attack. One of the windows I have coated with Rubio Monocoat (typically used on wood floors and is linseed oil based; it really made my Doug fir floors pop). It gave the finish I desire, matte low sheen, just beautiful. Now after a couple years I have noticed some black grayish molds spots at the bottom part of the sash where the glass meets the wood and just a little below that. I have to wipe off every once in a while and now it's getting a bit stained by this mold. I also rubbed two coats of regular boiled linseed oil on another window recently and am wondering if there is anything I can put on it to make it more durable. Is there something I could mix the linseed oil with to make the finish more durable to protect the wood from mold or fungus on the rest of the windows I'll be refinishing? Or should I be using something else altogether to achieve the natural matte low sheen finish I desire? Thanks for your insight?
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Bottom of my sash with Rubio Monocoat finish.

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Re: Best natural finish for wood sashes?

Postby johnleeke » Sat Mar 29, 2014 7:41 pm

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