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Clam-shell Floor Containment

Posted: Sat May 24, 2014 7:08 pm
by johnleeke
This is a version of the floor containment that can be folded up to contain the debris.

This materials list is for a containment with 5' x 8' overall size. The sizes of the wood strips and plastic sheeting can be adjusted for other overall sizes.

(4) 1x3 x 4' wood furring strips (1"x3" furring strips are actually 3/4" thick x 2 1/2" wide)
(1) 1x3 x 5' wood furring strip
(1) 1x3 x 4' 10 1/4" wood furring strip

(1) 7' x 10' piece of 6-mil plastic poly-sheeting

(8) 2" x No.6 steel wallboard screws, Phillips head

Tape measure
Utility knife
Screw gun or screw driver, with Phillips head bit
Cross cut saw
Staple gun, staples

1. Spread the plastic out flat on the floor
2. Lay the 5' strips along the edge of one end of the plastic. Position it in the middle of the edge.
3. Lay the 4' 10 1/2" strip along the edge of the other end of the plastic. Position it in the middle of the edge.
4. Lay two of the 4' strips along the side edge of the plastic. Butt the two strips together and position them in the middle of the edge. Do the same with the other two 4' strips along the other side edge of the plastic.
5. Pull a 2" tall fold of the plastic up between the butted ends of the strips, and lay it neatly over flat, all along the fold, doing the same where the fold meets the butted ends at the other side.
6. Roll the strips in toward the middle of the plastic, all around all four edges. until the ends of the strips meet at the four corners. As you roll, keep the extra plastic at the corners "pooching" straight up in the air.
7. Bring the strips together at the four corners so they stand up on edge and overlap each other.
8. Screw each corner together with two 2" wallboard screws.
9. Pull the end strips apart, which unfolds the 3" of plastic where the strips are butted together.
10. Staple the plastic to the strips at outside near each end where they meet in the middle of the long side. Staple only at this location, not anywhere else.
Step 10. Staple at ends of strips in middle of long side, no where else.
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11. Lift the short strip at one end up along with the plastic and fold it over to nestle down into the other half of the containment.

The short strip may nestle in a little better if the pooched up plastic is trimmed off the two corners of the short end.