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Re: 1950s & 1960s Windows

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2021 6:48 pm
by Scuderia01
Looking for any information on if its possible to remove the sash from this window system. House was built in 1919 and window put in later, as you can see its welded insulated glass. I need to replace a section of glass and would like to maintain the pressure fit insulated system. See attached images, all (9) sections are identical.

Re: 1950s & 1960s Windows

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2021 7:42 pm
by johnleeke
The welded-glass IGUs (Insulated Glass Unit) are no longer made.
The sash with the broken IGU should be removable.
A good approach would be to remove the sash and take it to glass shop that knows how to disassemble the sash, have a new IGU made and reassemble the sash with the new IGU. You might find a glass shop that would come to the site and do the removal and re-installation.

What kind of window is THIS?

Posted: Wed Feb 17, 2021 11:18 pm
by Moriartc
I just bought a 1955 ranch in West Hartford and I would like to repair the windows. Some need aesthetic work but others won't open.
To give you an idea what they look like....bc I don't have pictures....they are horizontal sliders, wood frame, but both sashes are in line with each other. When you twist the pivot handle at the center of the window, a pin is pulled and one window follows a track AROUND the other to, it actually curves around the other.
I have not been able to identify what these are called, but i think it would help in repairing them.
I know one thing I likely need to do (just for illustration's sake) is wax the track in the wood on which the one sash glides around the other,
Any help IDing these would be great! I have about 12 of them!