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Sash Rattles Side-to-side

Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2018 8:56 pm
by johnleeke
First determine the cause of the gap that allows the movement, which will suggest a treatment.

If the size of the sash has diminished, then adding strips to the side edges of the sash could be good. If the jamb/sill joints have failed allowing the space between the jambs to widen, then repairing the joints and bringing the jambs closer together could be good.

If there is not enough time or money to do these repairs, then adding weatherstrip might take up the extra space.

If there is too little time or money to do much of anything, you may need a low-cost temporary stabilization. Consider the "landlord nightmare" Wood Window Sash Spring. I have seen this nifty device save window sash for years, until I could come along and do a real fix.