Seal Frame to Masonry, Burnt Sand Mastic, Traditional Materials

Removing & installing sash, temporary boardup, frame & sill repairs, wall sealing, frame & trim painting.
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Seal Frame to Masonry, Burnt Sand Mastic, Traditional Materials

Postby johnleeke » Sun Apr 01, 2018 3:09 pm

Burnt Sand Mastic
(more to come)
burnt sand mastic made with sand, linseed oil, lime and newts eyes packed on top of soaked wool roving and saturated hemp or jute oakum, seen it used around 18th & 19th century windows here on coastal Maine, learned more about it from Andy DeGrunchy at the IPTW in Barre, VT.
Tried it out on a couple windows, works just fine, a good alternative to petrol-chemically derived sealants and caulks and more sustainable too.
Shortcut to making your own with a hamburger helper mix: ... tsheet.pdf

Oakum: as found on windows here in Maine, and demonstrated by by Andy at the IPTW, is loosely woven fiber of hemp or jute. Oakum is used in the joint like backer-rod is used with modern sealants.
If you're south of the Mason-Dixon you can take that pile of gunny sacks out in the shed and cut them on the bias into strips instead of buying Oakum. Jest save a few a them gunny sacks sos you can make a pair a breeches in case you run onto hard times.

At 2:06 this video shows oakum use at the sill:

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