Casement Windows

Removing & installing sash, temporary boardup, frame & sill repairs, wall sealing, frame & trim painting.
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Casement Windows

Postby johnleeke » Sun Sep 01, 2019 6:43 pm


- clean and lubricate all parts
- if you need parts the brand and part number are often marked on the operator arm
- the bottom horizontal piece of wood is often easy to pry up (wedge and wiggle) to investigate the operator condition
- if the glass storm panel may have been left on, making the sash heavier and more difficult to operate (remove it in summer for easier operation when it is opened more often
- If the crank closes the sash but doesn't bring it close enough to latch and seal, Consider adding a handle on to the stile so the sash can be pulled shut on the crank's last turn.

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