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Shop Setup

Postby johnleeke » Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:47 pm

My shop is in the barn that is connected to the back of the house with a breezeway. It is 28'x38', 1064 sq.ft. For production I'm a one-person shop, I seldom work on more that 6 or 8 sash at a time. A few times I've had 20 or 30 sash with two more people working production with me and there was enough room. Frequently I have 3-5 day training sessions with up to 8 people, which is a bit crowded, fine for training, but I couldn't run more than 3 in production.

To layout my shop I though about the "flow" of my work, the procedure, the steps. Following is my flow, each of the major tasks in my work has a workstation setup. Each workstation has all the tools, supplies, materials, with appropriate bench, easel, etc. I set up each workstation next in line, so the sash and materials flow with minimum handling. In my shop the flow is in a circle, with materials feeding into the flow from outside the circle from wall shelving, and inside the circle sash on carts with skinning putty and drying paint. As the work, mostly sash, flows around the circle it comes to Loading where it began with Unloading.

Work Flow
==> Unloading, big door, can pull in the pickup, unloading sash and lumber, supplies
==> Storage, nothing is set on the floor, lumber on wall racks, sash on rolling carts, or directly onto wall shelves at Deglazing
==> Deglazing, steam box & bench, shelves on walls, carts park under shelves (see photos below)
==> Glass cleaning, easel with trough
==> Sash cleanup, easel
==> Woodwork, big bench, little bench, joiner, table saw
==> Sash glazing and painting, easel
==> Loading (same area as Unloading), tools & equipment for site work, sash into truck and out the door

Also, personnel wash up station near the door into the breezeway, which is part of my lead-safe operations program.

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