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Postby johnleeke » Thu Oct 03, 2019 2:52 pm

Whiting is a fine powder used to polish oil residue off of glass after glazing. Chemically, it is calcium carbonate.
The original whiting was chalk stone ground to a powder and sifted or bolted for different particle sizes.
Most Whiting today is limestone ground to a powder.
You can usually get whiting at your local stained glass shop, especially if the teach or give lessions because they will be set up to sell whiting in smaller quantities to their students.
Agricultural lime is readily available at garden, farm and ranch suppliers at a lower cost compared to other whiting suppliers. It works just fine but usually contains some larger particle sizes. Given a choice, I use regular Whiting because it doesn't contain these larger particles.
Precipitated calcium carbonate that usually comes from the pottery suppliers is so fine that it can be difficult to control, but the smaller particle size is useful if you are making your own putty so you can have a range of particle sizes.

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