Sash Glazing & Painting (with Video)

Remove old panes & putty, cut & clean glass, putty & paint.
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Re: Sash Glazing & Painting (with Video)

Postby lohmann » Mon Sep 16, 2019 8:00 pm

Question on glazing a sash with very shallow rabbets. I'm restoring a bunch of 12-light casement windows that have very narrow/shallow rabbets - when I do final tooling of the putty to leave 1/16" remaining (room for paint), my putty knife has a tendency to catch on the glazing points which messes up the putty. I end up having to sacrifice all of the "extra" space in order to not catch on the points - net result is you can see the paint lines through the inside of the window. I hate it! I'm using the tiny triangle points and a Fletcher #5 point driver with the tips ground all the way off. What to do?

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