Video Conference Details

There is no cost for joining a conference or registering.

Recordings & Permissions
The conference and all of its video, images and text will be recorded and will be used by The Open University and Historic HomeWorks in their ongoing research to bring the latest in modern communications technology to the field of historic preservation. Any text and pictures of you, your participants and your building may be analyzed and published without further notice to you. By joining the conference you agree to these terms and transfer all your rights in the text, pictures and video you broadcast, to John Leeke’s Historic HomeWorks and The Open University.

These conferences are graciously co-sponsored by The Centre for New Media, The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom, which provides the FlashMeeting video conferencing service.

Sign-in Users : If you like, pre-register for a FlashMeeting account. During the conference you can upload pictures, draw on the whiteboard, etc. You do not have to pre-register.

If your computer has a camera and/or microphone connected you can broadcast video and audio for other in the conference to see. If you have no camera or mic, you may still see and hear the conference; and use the text feature.

If you like, get set up before hand to bring samples of your building parts to your computer’s camera for the conference to see, or set up your computer and camera at a location in the building you want to show.

Slow internet connection? Give it a try, even if you have low-speed telephone line connection. Some are having success with text chat, audio and can see the intermittent video of others. Let me know your results

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