Save America’s Windows book reviewed.

Ty McBride, window specialist in Oaklahoma City, hosts a weekly live Q&A show about window work. This week he reviewed the Save America’s Windows book. (scroll to minute 7:50, or watch it from the beginning and get all of Ty’s solid advice). Link over to FaceBook and watch a recording of the show:

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  1. I am renovating a 100 year old Craftsman Colonial in Montclair NJ and want to save the original windows including many large casements. The windows are in excellent condition for their age but I am struggling to come up with storm window solution or some other means of providing a 2nd layer of glass for the casements so that the house will be comfortable in the winter. There are hinged wooden screens that open up to the inside and the previous owner attached plexiglass to the outside of the wooden screens to add the 2nd layer but this prevents the use of the screens in the summer. One solution suggested by my contractor is replace the glass portion of the window with a double pane insert. Doing that seems to me to be as much work and cost as a replacement window. any thoughts or suggestions ?

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