Videos of window work. You can learn only so much reading a book and looking at the pictures. Learn more about the techniques and nuances of window work right here. Not finding the video you want? Post a comment below.

click on 3 bars at right to see a playlist of all videos:

4 Responses to Videos

  1. David says:

    Very helpful to me- thank you!

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  3. Frank Schnecker says:


    Thank you for your book, videos and efforts to keep historical windows from ending up in the trash. I have an old Victorian with original windows that many tried to convince me to replace. Your work has made it possible for me to see how to rehabilitate them of which I have done a half dozen so far. These old houses breathe and that is a great thing that I would have lost.

    Without your videos, explanations, writing and historical knowledge, there would be no way I could have avoided replacements. I am so grateful that you shared your work with us all.

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